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Frequently Asked Questions

This is not really a F.A.Q because no one really asked about these. But here you go.

  1. What method do you used to encode?
    We use CRF method. Meaning that the size of a movie will depends on the type of movie and the complexity of the images. Some 2 hours movie might be 400MB in size, but some of them can be 700MB and above.
  2. Why you rarely updated new movies and requests?
    Our current machines are decent. They can do 720p at 2-4 hours average and doubled for 1080p. Some of movies can go up more than 10 hours, depends on the state of the machine whether they are in use or not.
  3. Seriously, why you rarely updated new movies and requests, including reupload?
    Some of movies are encoded in automated environment. They are queue and we will be notified whenever that particular finished encoding. That is not much hassle is it? The real problem is, our working space is not comfortable. Slow devices, lack of everything makes us feel lazy to update. HEVC is not like H264 which can be encoded in faster. HEVC provides smaller files, but it consume a lot of processing power.
  4. Why you started this website knowing you can’t handle much?
    I am same as some of you who got limited bandwidth and budget. Small files will finish download faster and save mobile data right?
  5. Why your uploads are in rar format?
    Those are archive. Simply extract them to get the file. I do this for a few reasons
    – First, many file-hosters re-encode the video we uploaded to meet their standard. Not just the quality is compromised, even the codec will change too which me an it will be no longer an HEVC.
    – Some people take our releases and re-upload them to their websites and platform and claiming they made those. Putting some barrier will make their job becomes a hassle. Yes, we are stealing from copyright holders, but we put hours and sometimes days into a single video.
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Thanks for your uploads, i also encode using staxrip x265 crf mode :27or 26 output is xlent for small screens


We need a group sir

jaypal singh rathore

Why these are not playing on my phone


Can u plz upload unsane 2018. Sorry for asking u in faq section. ?


Great site, and very decent file sizes, your latest uploads are great, any chance of Training Day, or Point break (not the remake), cheers, and sorry for requesting in comments.

Baiscopelk Guy

Your movies are great. We are waiting for “Ant man and the Wasp” good quality and low size movie. You are our only hope. Thank you for spending your time for us.

small ripper

Thanks for your responsibility.


Any chance of the Insider 1999 with Russell Crowe and Al pacino. Thanks.


Apostle 2018 upload plz


Apostle 2018 plz


The spy who dumped me 2018


Deep blue sea plz


Godzilla 2013 plz

Siddharth Mehta

2 states(Bollywood) 1080p plz.

sumesh skaimal

hi i love this site and also member of hevcbay telegram channel …please include movie posters with uploads{in telegram }

I am a Hevcbay fan

earlier days i every day visit other site for movie update.
but when i found hevcbay,i just stuck on it.
great work buddy.
the best side of your site is low volume but high quality print.
tnx and love for you

I am a Hevcbay fan

Sure i will


One of my favourite website…


since last 4 days the zip files which i have downloaded from ur link after downloading when i unzipped the files it is showing [bad rar archive].i have downloaded the files from telegram,mega,and other links also, but all r having same issues [bad rar archive].
Tai-chi masters, vampire academy, deep blue sea


Comment:like your math capcha by the way…..


mi fallout 1080 & 720 is broken




it said that “The archive is in unknown format or damaged.”




Add all X-Men movies please


Good work. Really good file


What’s the pass for textbin?
Is it not ‘hevcbay’?


“Bad times at the el royale”


What’s is the password for textbin of ‘Bad times at the el royale’?


Do you have a tutorial to reencode to x265?


What’s crf method?


I wanna learn it also, what programs do you use?


2 questions to you g3m,I want to know it for knowledge
1)DO YOU get better quality from a 720p encode than 1080p for 720p requests?I mean does it effect too much in quality?
2)I have found a site (not a torrent site) where you can download better quality movies for us quickly.
{}.Did you know this site before? and what is remux version?Is this type of file good for encode?


Thanks for sharing


What about the site?
Do you like that
If there is good quality torrent and also good amount of seeders remain,then please go for it
But if not then this side will be helpful for you.


But you know for decent source size the site is very good
Almost all the time found good quality torrent needs more time
Thanks for your appreciation


Please reupload older uploads, their links are expired…


@g3m please consider my humble request

jaypal singh rathore

Why it is not playing on my phone

anas grg

el camino a breaking bad movie 2019 please

anas grg

Thanks we’ll be waiting


Please fix broken download links


Chance I could backup your Mega stuff to my premium mega account?


what is the password for textbin? I can’t download any movie


What is the password to decrypt textbin? I can’t open link to download film (zombieland)..


oke, I’m using newest edge to open link… and problem solved when I use other browser.. haha, thanks g3m


Thanks for the work man keep up


Searching for the request section. Was it removed!?


As per the requests, am looking for quite a few films:
Antichrist 2009
The Baader Meinhof Complex (2008)
Hamilton musical if possible


is this some?-u section? ooooh!
you know what, this is what I needed!
oh, I love write about you g3m.


Will watching your 720p encodes be blurry?Just want to know for its resolution not for your encoding style


What software do you use for encoding?


Can you please upload Green Lantern First Flight (2009) ???


I have some important questions:

1. Are all of the DDL movies here in .RAR format? If so, why?

2. Are the BluRay 720p movies here better than the BluRay 720p on YTS?

3. I’m new in the DDL file sharing community, so could you make a short tutorial how to download from this site?


Thanks for answering


I haven’t downloaded a single movie from this website yet because I’m new, so I can’t really judge.

Btw, any chance you could upload DDL movies in .mkv instead of .rar in the future because I’m on mobile lol


Thanks I’ll try that


how can we help you for converting movie and uploading it


What is the Computer Configuration you are using to encode these movies?


My favorite movie download site

Dark Knight

I’m trying to download following movies, but all are showing zero seeders & zero peers. Any help?

  1. Social Network
  2. Hereditary
  3. Army of Shadows
  4. Julieta
  5. Burning (Korean)
  6. Hot Fuzz
  7. Grand Piano

File hosting is better than torrent
Con you try πŸ™„


Will you guys move to h.266 (VVC) from h.265 (HEVC) since it’s h.266 is on the way and would be 50% more efficient than h.265?


Da 5 blood ,forgetten and bad education please

Last edited 1 month ago by Omar

Welcome back man. I thought you just ended the site. Anyway, great to see you


Yeah Iam see all movies in this site πŸ™‚β€


Forrest Gump please

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